Smart Vehicle Booking

About this item A smart mobile app that allows workers to order automobiles in a timely and easy manner. You can effortlessly manage your employees' and workers' transfers with the Smart Vehicle Booking app, which provides you with a variety of unique features and an automatic Smart algorithm. Each of your employees can simply find the appropriate car on time and without any hassles or barriers.

Key Features

  • Smart apps for both Customers and drivers
  • Workflow is completely automated to request vehicles
  • The smart algorithm automatically finds the available driver nearby.
  • Feedback option for both driver and passenger
  • Navigation facility
  • Van sharing is a feature.


  • Quick and hassle-free process of vehicle booking using a smart App.
  • Time and fuel-saving
  • Customized booking
  • Reducing communication delays
  • Reducing the manpower
  • Serve multiple requests


  • Hardware
  • Includes installation


  • Software


  • Accessories


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