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SamTech ME Parking Solutions has been meeting the need for innovative and efficient transportation services solutions. SamTech ME Parking Solutions will be your perfect choice! We offer you high quality parking solutions that will definitely fulfill your parking Needs.

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Smart Valet Parking For (Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Gov Entities, Restaurants Etc.

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A digital experience for your company and clients that reflects your vision and aims.

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Smart Valet Parking Application

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Green Valet Parking (Paperless Parking System) Designed Especially For Properties And Smart Cities

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Smart Valet Services Benefits

Automated System

Portable and Easy to Use

Operational Efficiency

Increase in Revenue

Valet Park Without Hassles

Live Transactions Monitoring

Convenient In Bad Weather

Minimize Manpower

Pack More Cars in One Physical Space

Accuracy Of Information

Live Dashboard

  • Display a list of all the vehicles with current-status, allocated parking.
  • Each status will represent a different color.
  • Complaints: Notification for the new complaints and show the details.
  • Staff Attendance Details (Number of Valet Driver/Operator on duty)
  • Available parking slots
  • Today’s revenue
  • Incidents: Options to view the incident details
  • Display Event Details, booking requests, approve requests


Items requested from the car: Show request details with a push notification, Assign driver, alert driver for the request, update the status of the request by a driver, request completion by Valet Operator: Option for Valet Driver & Valet Operator to report an incident.

Select incident type, take pictures, capture a video, enter details, and submit.

Push notification to Valet Operator and options to view the incident details.


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